Custom designs

There are often unexpected possibilities in products of machinery and plant engineering produced in smaller quantities . Every designer of this sector can comprehend that.
Within the development of new products the efficiency always has to be considered. Especially if smaller or mid-sized quantities with handmade production and a limited market not everything can be build of standard modules.
In this case it is obvious to use standard hydraulic/ pneumatic items and fittings to keep the effort and costs for tools and equipment on a low level.

If the product is developing surprisingly positive a redesign is often not made caused by capacity bottlenecks or other reasons. Mostly the initial design is used for years and the task of a redesign remains undone in the project planning.
However, within increasing quantities the assembling department spends disproportional capacities to manage the demands.



Transfer the task to us – we will analyze your hydraulic/ pneumatic design and integrate it in a smart and compact System.
To start we only need a description of the actual design with the known deficits and a hydraulic/ pneumatic switching diagram.

With a system solution of HEB you will not only gain capacities and a higher efficiency, you will also achieve a higher standing from your customers.
Moreover it is more difficult for imitators to compete with you and your product.

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